Room Additions

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The family room the fireplace was re-tiled with a concrete looking porcelain tile topped off with a rustic beam mantle. Combined with new home furnishings to make the most of a small space, this new family room is both a functional and accessible space.

Room Addition San Diego
Room Addition San Diego
Room Addition San Diego

Adding on to an existing structure is a great way to add value and square footage to your home. Let our professional crew come up with the ultimate solution for your space. One that will work with your County Department of Building and Safety Codes and Regulations, your needs, and most important – your budget…CairnsCraft Design & Remodel has the capability to make major structural changes and to build home additions of any size. Elevate ceilings! Remove walls! Add space to your kitchen or add room for a master bath suite. We can re-purpose space to be more appropriate to your family’s needs…convert garage space into a teenager’s bedroom and private bath. From design to build, we can do it all!

Room Addition san diego