Glamour Contemporary Open Kitchen

This kitchen was a unique challenge as our clients wanted to create an open inviting space that would allow them to easily host and entertain in their home. To create more space, we opened the walls and reconfigured the appliance layout. These updates allowed for the creation of an open concept living room – they could host dinner parties on the weekends and watch television while cooking on week nights! The white marble matches on both the walls and the counter tops. The bright white shades create the illusion of more space by brightening the kitchen. The kitchen itself is full of creative touches – there is a waterfall feature that creates visual interest as well as floating shelves to draw your eye to the walls. The lighting under the cabinets uses energy efficient LED bulbs and glows at night. The cabinet arrangement was designed with the small space in mind as we installed floor to ceiling cabinets to maximize the storage potential while still making the space functional and open. Our clients love their transformed kitchen that has been refreshed to be more functional and to better suit their lifestyle!